Hampton Roads, Virginia Photography Location Guide Blog Series

I will be starting a series of blog posts regarding Hampton Roads photography location guide for my local area in coastal Virginia. As I visit and photograph each location in the Hampton Roads area, I will post about my experience at that location and the potential for photography. I will share some of my images to showcase the location’s potential in each Hampton Roads photography location guide.

Since fairly recently relocating to Virginia, I am just now starting to scout out and photograph the local area of Hampton Roads. There is a lot of photography potential in this area, potential that I did not even realize. Boundless opportunities exist to find creative and unique images of this region. The Hampton Roads area is comprised of several cities, counties and towns on the Peninsula and South Hampton Roads that include Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Newport News in Virginia, two counties in the Middle Peninsula and two counties in Northeastern North Carolina. This photography potential is what inspired me to start a Hampton Roads photography location guide blog series.

This wide range of land area of Hampton Roads encompasses a lot of different historical sites, beaches, harbors, parks, and waterways. This area has a lot of potential for a variety of landscape, nature and wildlife photography, and each weather season brings different scenes to photograph, even from the same location. There is always something new to capture. The area is vast, and there is a vast range of potential for a variety of subjects in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.

In my series of blog posts on Hampton Roads photography location guides, I will share tips about each location, when best to arrive, the photography potential, what type of photography, gear needed, techniques used and any other pertinent information that will encourage and inspire photographic creativity in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Stay tuned as I will be making by first post in this Hampton Roads photography location guide blog series later this week.

Thank you for taking the time to view my blog.

All the very best,
Lori A. Cash

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back with you.
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