Morning at Ocean View Beach

A couple of weekends ago, I went to the Community Beach area of Ocean View in Norfolk, Virginia to capture the sunrise and to test out a new lens and camera combination. The morning was a very windy and cloudy morning at the beach. Although there was not very much color with the sunrise, there were some good dramatic clouds in the sky.

As I walked along the beach area, I found an old piece of wood that had washed up onto the shore. It had a really old looking nail in it. I assumed this piece of wood was probably a part of some old shipwreck. I spent quite some time photographing various scenic compositions that included the wood. I used my tripod, my 15-45mm lens and my mirrorless camera to capture the image below. I also used a long exposure and my two second timer on the camera to capture the stillness of the water.

Lori A. Cash Photography Blog is where I will discuss all things related to wildlife, nature and vineyard photography.
Old wood with spike nail washed upon the shore at Community Beach at Ocean View in Norfolk, Virginia.

Since the sun was behind the clouds as it came up, I focused next on photographing some sea shells in the surf. I always bring a few shells to the beach just in case the sunrise is not very good and to give me something to photograph besides the birds on the beach. Again, I used the same setup with my tripod, 15-45mm lens and mirrorless camera to photograph the shells in the surf. I had to use my two second timer that morning as my wireless remote was having some issues. With using the timer and having to anticipate wave moment, I had to take a lot of images to get the timing of the surf coming up to the shells just right in order to achieve the image that I was looking for. Again, I used a long exposure to capture the motion of the ocean water coming up to the sea shells.

Lori A. Cash Photography Blog is where I will discuss all things related to wildlife, nature and vineyard photography.

Once the sun came up over a bank of clouds at the horizon, I was finally given a little bit of color among the clouds in the sky to photograph. I continued to used my mirrorless camera and my 15-45mm lens for these images. For these images, I did use Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) with taking three images in my camera. Then I post processed and merged the three images as High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. In my post processing of my AEB images I used the Photomatix Essentials software and tried to keep my HDR images as realistic as possible when processing them. The below image was one of my favorites from this photo shoot at Ocean View Beach.

Lori A. Cash Photography Blog is where I will discuss all things related to wildlife, nature and vineyard photography.
Morning clouds in the sky at Ocean View Beach in Norfolk, Virginia.

Once I finished photographing the beach scenes, I turned my attention to focusing on trying out my new Tamron 18-400m f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD Lens for Canon EF with my Canon M50 mirrorless camera that I had purchased earlier this summer. To use my Tamron lens with the M50 I have to use the Canon EF-M Lens adapter for Canon EF/EF-S Lenses. So, I was really eager to try this new setup at the beach and, especially, with the birds. I have previously tried this setup with some macro and close up images and have really liked the images that I have captured so far with this combination of camera, lens and adapter. As for birds, this setup using a mirrorless camera, such as the M50, was great for still bird portraits on the beach, such as the image below. However, the M50 does not seem to be as suited for fast action bird photography, such as capturing the really fast-moving sanderlings along the surf. In addition, I did take some beach scenic pictures with this camera and lens setup. I was very pleased with those images and with this combination for scenic images.

Lori A. Cash Photography Blog is where I will discuss all things related to wildlife, nature and vineyard photography.
Herring gull standing on post looking to sea on the Community Beach at Ocean View in Norfolk, Virginia.

This was a great morning at the beach in Ocean View as I was able to take a variety of different images at the beach. Even though it was really windy and the sand was flying into my face all morning, it was worth the sacrifice as I captured some really great images. Overall, I think I will keep using the mirrorless camera for my nature, macro, landscape and vineyard photography as I really like using the Live View mode for these types of images. As for my wildlife and bird photography, I will stick with using my new Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary Lens and my new DSLR, a set-up which I will be posting about in a future blog post. So, stay tuned.

Thank you for taking the time to view and read my blog.

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Lori A. Cash

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