Fall Colors at Stumpy Lake

Last Saturday morning, I headed to Stumpy Lake Natural Area in Virginia Beach, Virginia for a photo outing. I wanted to check on how the leaves were doing in changing colors and to see what bird activity might be around this time in the fall. Even though I knew it would not be a good sunrise, I still arrived as I normally do, at least a half hour before sunrise.

I knew that the rain was coming later that morning and had hoped for some dramatic clouds. There were some decent clouds but not as dramatic as I had hoped for. However, the leaves were turning into fall colors very nicely around the lake which made for some attractive fall color images. Here are a couple of my fall color images of Stumpy Lake.

As I was taking the landscape photographs this morning, there was a lot of bird activity in the sky, especially with the many great egrets around the lake. In addition, there was a lot of bird activity with terns, cormorants and great blue herons. I found myself to be quite focused on the great egrets and great blue herons as I found each of these birds in very scenic and picturesque locations in trees that had a lot of changing color leaves. I was glad to have such as cloudy morning as it helped to diffuse my lighting especially for the egret images.

I used my new Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary Lens for Canon EF along with my new Canon 6D Mark II camera and was very pleased with the images that this combination provided. I especially liked the ability to change my focal length anywhere from 150mm to 600mm and that it gave me such a wide range of images with the birds. I could go tight for a up close and then back out to create a scenic type bird picture. I had a lot of fun playing with the lens and being creative in my photography.

Below are a couple of my egret and heron fall color images from Stumpy Lake. I am hoping to go back out in a few weeks to see how the changing colors are doing. Hopefully, I will have some new images soon to post from Stumpy Lake.

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Lori A. Cash

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