Fall Morning at Buckroe Beach

Back in October I spent a morning at Buckroe Beach in Hampton, Virginia photographing the sunrise and birds at the beach. I had processed a few of the bird images back in October but have just now processed some of the sunrise images.

The sunrise images were photographed with my DSLR and wide-angle lens mounted on a tripod. In addition, I used my shutter release to help keep my images as sharp as possible. The below image was captured using a very slow shutter speed to get the blurred motion of the waves as they rolled up the beach. The camera settings I used to give the blurred effect of the waves were an aperture of f/22 and a shutter speed of 1/3.2sec.

On this fall morning at Buckroe Beach, I focused on and spent most of my time at this one jetty area to photograph various angles and scenes of the beach and sunrise. I captured the below image by using my shutter release or remote to time the waves splashing against the jetty rocks. I was able to photograph this image just as the sun had come up and was behind some clouds that were low on the horizon.

While I was photographing the waves hitting against the jetty rocks, I noticed that two gulls had landed on the posts just past the jetty rocks in the water. I observed that the position of the gulls with the sun behind them gave me a great opportunity to capture a silhouette. So, I switched from my wide-angle lens to my Sigma 15-600mm lens and mounted it on my tripod so I could focus in closer on the gulls. In addition, I also used the live view function and shutter release to capture this image of an incoming gull chasing away another gull on one of the two posts while the other gull remained on its post.

Two of the below images are gull silhouettes that were photographed with my longer lens. The last image below is the view from my wide-angle lens of the two gulls on the posts which gave a very peaceful and serene feel of the beach.

As I started to leave Buckroe Beach that fall morning after photographing the sunrise and doing some bird photography of some other gulls and pigeons, I saw that there were some white puffy clouds known as cumulus clouds in the blue sky over the gazebo on the pier. So, I took one last photograph before leaving the beach that morning, and that image is below.

It was a wonderful and peaceful morning at the Buckroe Beach last October. I love going to the beach and photographing on the beach because there are so many different subjects and elements to photograph. Buckroe Beach has a lot of great potential for seascape photography. I look forward to my next adventure of photographing the sunrise at Buckroe Beach in Hampton, Virginia.  

Thank you for taking the time to view and read my blog.

All the very best,

Lori A. Cash

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  1. Fantastic images! Love the colors… the feel… the captures… Both vibrant and subtle feels. The silhouettes are great! For me, it is not easy to get pleasing photographs like yours. Very nice 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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