Reasons for Reprocessing Older Images

While I am been here in Arkansas, I have been reprocessing some of my older images since I have not been able to do much photography lately. This down time from photographing has given me much time to look through my catalog of my older wildlife and seascapes images and apply some of my newer processing techniques. It really has been fun looking through these older images and recalling the particular experiences photographing the various birds and seascapes. These have been the two main subject areas that I have concentrated on while perusing through hundreds of images.

As with time and technology, my editing skills have improved, as well as my tastes and preferences, so I have been going through some these older birds and seascapes images and reprocessing them. I totally had overlooked some of these older images years ago and had forgotten about processing them or just had forgotten about how awesome some of these images were. These are reasons in which I do recommend that photographers occasionally look back at their image archives as our skills and tastes continue to change and improve with time and experience.

My process of converting RAW images has changed from roughly 10 years ago. I use some different programs or plugins now. Even how I converted images in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) has changed from 10 years ago. Another advantage I have found in reprocessing these older images is the noise reduction software and all the advances in technology these days.

I have been really pleased with some of these older images and how they have turned out in reprocessing them.

I have posted some on social media and have received some great responses. Therefore, I recently have added many of my older reprocessed images to my website and to my Fine Art America Portfolio.

Maybe this will inspire you to take another look at your older catalog of images and reprocess them with your new or different processing techniques. You just never know what you might rediscover hidden among your older images.

Have you recently gone through your archive of older images and reprocessed these images using your current workflow?

Here are a few of my reprocessed older images.

Thank you for taking the time to view and read my blog.

All the very best,

Lori A Cash

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