Sunrise at Fort Monroe In Hampton, Virginia

Sunrise along the Chesapeake Bay from the view of Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia.

Last month I photographed the sunrise at Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia. It was a spectacular sunrise. I walked along the concrete walkway along the shore and photographed the sunrise from that perspective. It was a chilly and fairly windy morning.

As I walked along the walkway that morning, I could tell the sunrise was going to be spectacular, and it was with a big small rising up over the horizon. There was a lot of traffic on the water with tankers and ships leaving port. This gave me some additional interesting subjects for my sunrise.

Sun coming up over the fishing pier at Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia.

While photographing the sunrise, I walked down one of the piers to give me a better perspective of being on the water. I also chose to change lenses from my wide angle lens to my Sigma 150-600mm lens. With using the longer lens I was able to get closer to the pier and take the below image of someone on the pier as they were watching the sun rise up in the sky.

Sunrise at the Fort Monroe Fishing Pier on a spring day in Hampton, Virginia as an onlooker watches the sun rise up in the sky from the pier.

After the sun came up, I was walking back down the concrete walkway to where my car was parked when I spotted a big looking bird on a navigational aid in the Hampton Roads. I looked through my Sigma 150-600mm lens and discovered it was an immature bald eagle. This young eagle was constantly being harassed by the gulls and ultimately flew off. I followed after the eagle as I saw where it landed a few hundred yards away to a piling in the water. However, the background was not very good as there were buildings behind the eagle. Before I could move to the other side of the eagle, the eagle flew off, and unfortunately, this time I was unable to track it and lost sight of it.

A young bald eagle Haliaeetus leucocephalus) sitting on top of a navigational aid off Fort Monroe National Monument in Hampton, Virginia.

I must say this was a very nice and peaceful way to start my day.

Hope you enjoy my first outdoor flowers of this spring.

Thank you for taking the time to view and read my blog.

All the very best,

Lori A Cash

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