Fall Gourd Images

Recently, I have taken some photos of gourds and pumpkins from the inside studio of my home as well as a couple of images I took at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. I just been having fun creating some seasonal autumn images this year.

For the gourds I took at home, I used a LED photo light instead of a traditional flash on the hot shoe of my camera. This was the first time I had experimented with the LED photo light, and I was very pleased with how much better it was than using a flash on the camera. The main difference was that I hand held the LED photo light which allowed me to move it around to get the lighting that I desired. I just had better control over my exposure and lighting of my subject than I did with a flash.

I thought these below images would make terrific greeting cards for the autumn and Thanksgiving season and have posted the below autumn gourd images to my Fine Art America website where these images and others may be purchased as print on demand items such as greeting cards, mugs, throw pillows, etc.  

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