Sunrise at Buckroe Beach

Friday morning, I went to Buckroe Beach in Hampton, Virginia for the first time in twenty-something years to photograph the sunrise. I was pleasantly surprised with the change in the beach since I was last there with the addition of jetties and shoreline rocks, and a pier.

All of these additions made for some interesting compositions for my sunrise images. I was fortunate that it was a great morning for a sunrise with the sky full of orange and yellow colors.

In addition to the beautiful sunrise that I witness and photographed, there were quite a few black skimmers hanging around the beach. The skimmers would often take flight when the beach tractor came by combing the sand on the beach. This made for some great opportunities for in-flight bird photography.

It was definitely a great morning at Buckroe Beach. I wanted to share a few images that I captured Friday morning.

For my sunrise images, I used auto exposure bracketing (AEB) of 3 images to process as high dynamic range (HDR) images. I used a +/-2EV for my exposure bracketing with a low ISO and varying apertures from f/11 to f/22. Although, with HDR I like my images to be more of a realistic HDR image.  Hope you enjoy these images. Let me know what you think.

All the very best,

Lori A. Cash

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